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What We Speak About When We #SpeakUP
As one of the world’s leading scholarly publishers and the oldest university press in the United States, Hopkins Press is devoted to sharing the benefits of discovery with the world. In a word, it is our mission to #SpeakUP. Every year, Hopkins Press publishes...
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American Indian Heritage Month Reading List

Did you know Tribal lands hold some of the healthiest wild areas in North America? Or that, by the end of the Second Seminole War, only a few hundred members of the Tribe remained? What about the use of political cartoons by Hopi and Diné that helped to expose federal harms against these populations on an international level? Celebrate American Indian Heritage Month by learning more about the long, rich, complex histories of North America's Native peoples with books from Hopkins Press, including Comics and Conquest and Wildlife Stewardship on Tribal Lands.

Books on Indigenous Peoples by Hopkins Press
The Conversation on Guns

An exploration of the devastating gun violence in the United States—and possible ways to stop it.

A cropped image of the book cover The Conversation on Guns featuring a gun
Halloween Reading List

Witches, devils, ghouls...and books! This Halloween, explore hauntingly good books from Hopkins Press, including The Secret History of the Jersey Devil and Dead Women Talking and uncover the mysteries and legends of the spookiest time of the year.

The Books "Switching Sides," "The Secret History of the Jersey Devil," "Bizarre Bioethics," and "Dead Women Talking" in a pile of autumn leaves.