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Witness to Ancient History

Acquisitions Editor: Catherine Goldstead

Series Editor: Gregory S. Aldrete

Each book in this series focuses on a pivotal event in ancient history, briefly describing it and its consequences in an engaging and informative way to exemplify and analyze a theme of broader significance, through the eyes of the people who lived at the time.

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The Great Fire of Rome
Life and Death in the Ancient City

Joseph J. Walsh

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A Monument to Dynasty and Death
The Story of Rome's Colosseum and the Emperors Who Built It

Nathan T. Elkins

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The Year of Julius and Caesar
59 BC and the Transformation of the Roman Republic

Stefan G. Chrissanthos

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Athens Burning
The Persian Invasion of Greece and the Evacuation of Attica

Robert Garland

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The Battle of Arginusae
Victory at Sea and Its Tragic Aftermath in the Final Years of the Peloponnesian War

Debra Hamel

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The Day Commodus Killed a Rhino
Understanding the Roman Games

Jerry Toner

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