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Neal Baer and John Maa on Taxing Soda
In 2017, the journal Perspectives in Biology and Medicine published a pair of articles arguing in favor of a tax on soda. The two authors - Dr. Neal Baer, a television writer and producer and a pediatrician, and Dr. John Maa, a San Francisco-based surgeon -...
John Maa and Neal Baer, Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
Andrew Natsios on Putin's New Russia
The Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University held a September 2015 conference and subsequent talks about the New Russia of President Vladimir Putin. The journal South Central Review recently published a collection of articles from...
Andrew Natsios, South Central Review
Neil Roberts on Trayvon Martin
In 2012, the journal Theory and Event published a symposium of essays on the killing of Florida teen Trayvon Martin earlier this year. The symposium brought together an array of contemporary theorists - Anna Marie Smith, Anne Norton, Michael Hanchard, Stephen...
Neil Roberts, Theory and Event
Patti Duncan on Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
A team at Oregon State University took over the editorial duties for the journal Feminist Formations in 2016. Editor Patti Duncan took some time to talk with us about the journal and its innovative work in women's, gender and sexuality studies when she visited...
Patti Duncan, Feminist Formations
Adam Seipp on 1917
In March 2017, eight scholars from a variety of disciplines gathered at Texas A&M University for a two-day conference called "1917: A Global Turning Point in History and memory." The discussions and presentations were later developed into a special issue of...
Adam Seipp, South Central Review
Julia Hejduk on 50 Years of the "Harvard School"
The first issue of Classical World's 111th volume takes a wide-ranging look at the 50th anniversary of the so-called "Harvard School" of Vergilian interpretation. Guest editor Julia Hejduk of Baylor University joins us to talk about the importance of the 22...
Julia Hejduk, Classical World
Martin Lohrmann on the History of the Lutheran Church
To celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation on Oct. 31, 2017, the journal Lutheran Quarterly has created a virtual timeline at The site highlights seminal works from the journal’s pages on...
Martin Lohrmann, Lutheran Quarterly
Julie Pfeiffer on Children's Literature Trends
After several years away, Julie Pfeiffer has returned to serve as editor of the annual journal Children's Literature. She joined us to talk about trends in the field and what to expect over the next few years from the journal.
Julie, Pfeiffer, Children's Literature
Douglas Lanier on Shakespeare and New Media
Earlier this year, Shakespeare Quarterly took an important step and launched a brand-new website to showcase content from the journal as well as innovative Shakesperean scholarship outside the traditional print product. The launch of the site coincided with a...
Douglas Lanier, Shakespeare Quarterly
Laura Leibman on Objects Embodying Jewish American Life
For a short time, Fisher Price made a set of Little People toys to help celebrate Hannukah. You can only find the set on the collectible market these days, but the figurines served as an easy starting point for Lauren leibman's introduction to a recent special...
Lauren Leibman, American Jewish History