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Neal Baer and John Maa on Taxing Soda
In 2017, the journal Perspectives in Biology and Medicine published a pair of articles arguing in favor of a tax on soda. The two authors - Dr. Neal Baer, a television writer and producer and a pediatrician, and Dr. John Maa, a San Francisco-based surgeon -...
John Maa and Neal Baer, Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
Georgiann Davis and Ellen Feder on Intersex
The Summer 2015 issue of the journal Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics featured more than a dozen personal narratives from intersex people about the challenges they face and problems with how the medical community addresses their needs. Guest editors Georgiann...
Georgiann Davis and Ellen Feder, Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics
John Sotos on Mary Lincoln and Pernicious Anemia
Mary Lincoln has been a mystery for more than 150 years. Irritable as the wife of Abraham Lincoln in Illinois, erratic as First Lady, and frankly psychotic as a widow, she died at the young age of 63 after years of unusual physical symptoms and progressively...
Johns Sotos, Perspective in Biology and Medicine