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Peter Kirwan on his most unforgettable Shakespeare production
Joining us on this episode is Dr. Peter Kirwan, recently named Editor of the journal Shakespeare Bulletin. Find out how an onstage accident resulted in one of the most unforgettable live performances Peter has witnessed, as well as news on the journal's...
Peter Kirwan, Shakespeare Bulletin
Douglas Lanier on Shakespeare and New Media
Earlier this year, Shakespeare Quarterly took an important step and launched a brand-new website to showcase content from the journal as well as innovative Shakesperean scholarship outside the traditional print product. The launch of the site coincided with a...
Douglas Lanier, Shakespeare Quarterly
Cassie Ash and Jose Perez Diaz on Shakespeare and Editing
Earlier this year, the journal Shakespeare Bulletin took a look at the issue of editing Renaissance drama texts. Stepping outside the boundaries of Shakespeare, a trio of guest editors put together a special issue based on a 2013 symposium. The issue helps...
Cassie Ash and Jose Perez Diaz, Shakespear Bulletin