Will the real Booker T. Washington please stand up?

Source material is the lifeblood of academic research (learn why here), and, courtesy of Michael Scott Bieze and Marybeth Gasman's Booker T. Washington Rediscovered, the JHU Press is now in the business of hosting such valuable content on our website. Students, researchers, and scholars can now read the works of this turn-of-the-century intellectual pioneer as he originally wrote and intended them--from previously unpublished writings and hard-to-find speeches and essays to a wide range of primary documents from public and private collections.

1895 Knoxville College Speech, Collection of Michael and Laura Bieze, Atlanta, Georgia.

Historical accounts are only as good as the primary sources on which they are based. As one of the first modern media masters, Washington crafted his thoughts in words and pictures, and without those pictures and the original layout of the words, readers miss both the aura and intent of the original work.  Bieze and Gasman have done a great service by collecting, editing, and now, with the help of JHU Press, making these archival documents available in both the printed book and its companion website.
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