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Vertebrate Biology, Third Edition
The First Edition of Vertebrate Biology was published in 1998; the Second Edition in 2012. Since that time, many taxonomic changes and revisions have occurred, many new paleontological discoveries have enabled us to better comprehend the evolutionary origins...
Ecology and Conservation of the Diamond-backed Terrapin
The Diamond-backed Terrapin has a long and illustrious history, first as a culinary plight to satiate the masses and then becoming an epicurean fad for the well-heeled. The fad faded in the early 20th century because populations declined and the demand for...
Behind the Book: The Snake and the Salamander
When Matt asked if I was interested in writing a few paragraphs to accompany each of the illustrations he was creating for a book on the amphibians and reptiles of the northeast, I jumped at the chance. A quick check of his website convinced me that he could...