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Pride Month Reading List

June is Pride Month, and we have a great reading list for you to celebrate. Check out the books below to learn more about important LGBTQ+ issues.

Pride parade, with focus on rainbow pride flag
Hopkins Press Staff Members Receive JHU Diversity Award
Johns Hopkins University Press is honored to announce that staff members Diem Bloom and Davida Breier have received a 2023 Diversity Recognition Award from the Johns Hopkins University’s Diversity Leadership Council (DLC). This award acknowledges outstanding...
Diem Bloom and Davida Breier
A Mental Health Checklist
Mental Health Awareness Month is celebrated every May. This month, take some time to check in with your own mental health and check in to see how your loved ones, coworkers, and neighbors are feeling too. Below is a checklist of ten ideas for how to improve...
Two women sitting in a sofa and chair talking.
Insights from an Orca Expert
Hanne Strager, the author of The Killer Whale Journals, shares insights about these fascinating creatures—with some of her stunning photos—since she began researching and working alongside orcas decades ago. "When an orca submerges below the surface of the sea...
Two orcas swimming during sunset
On Nixon's Madness: An Act or Reality?

A new PBS documentary called The Movement and the Madman opens with a 1960s TV recording of Richard Nixon promising not to use nuclear weapons to end the Vietnam War. The scene fades to a black screen that reads: “That was his campaign promise. But Nixon had a secret plan to end the war.”

On Nixon's Madness
Mental Health at the Movies: 2023 Academy Awards
The study of classic and contemporary films can provide a powerful avenue to understand the experience of mental illness. In Madness at the Movies, James Charney, MD, a practicing psychiatrist and long-time cinephile, examines films that delve deeply into...
Madness at the Movies book cover
2022's Most Read Journal Articles from Hopkins Press
In the collection below, you will find a selection of 2022's most read articles from Hopkins Press Journals. The list reflects the breadth - and lifespan - of the scholarly research we publish. Topics range widely - the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine...
A stack of Hopkins Press journal issues