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Mental Disorder and the Boundaries of Illness
Can we draw a boundary that places some of our moods, experiences, beliefs, and behaviours within the remit of mental disorder and so within the province of psychiatric care? Can we assert that this person’s sadness is no longer continuous with everyday...
Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed, Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology
The Study of Poetry: A National Poetry Month Collection
April is National Poetry Month, a time dedicated to celebrating the art of poetry. Johns Hopkins University Press journals publish not only poems themselves, but also a wealth of scholarly analysis about poetry. To commemorate this annual celebration, we have...
Two young women laying on their backs in the grass on a sunny day, holding books of poetry above their heads as they read.
Living With Aphasia
What Is Aphasia? You may have heard the term aphasia (pronounced “uh-fey-zhuh”) from your loved one’s medical team. This disorder is also being discussed in the news currently, due to actor Bruce Willis’ diagnosis. Aphasia is the medical term for problems with...
Barbara O'Connor Wells 1
A National Poetry Month Collection
April is National Poetry Month, an annual celebration established in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets to commemorate the impact and importance of poetry. Poems serve as a succinct medium for authors to convey complex ideas, emotions, and histories...
A hand writing with a pen in a journal.
Inspectors for Peace: An Excerpt
by Elisabeth Roehrlich Since the beginning of Putin’s war in Ukraine in late February, the International Atomic Energy Agency—the world’s nuclear authority—has been trying to ensure the safety and security of Ukraine’s nuclear plants. Meanwhile, it continued...
Inspectors for Peace
Unwelcome Guests
By Steven Diner There is extensive public discussion today about how colleges decide whom to admit and about the need for affirmative action to ensure minority access to higher education. Colleges today are ranked not only by academic selectivity but by their...
Unwelcome Guests
Design For Change in Higher Education
By Jeff Grabill, Sarah Gretter, and Erik Skogberg At the University of Leeds, we have embarked on arguably the most ambitious educational transformation initiative in higher education. Over the next ten years, we will review and refresh our undergraduate and...
Design for Change
A Ukraine Reading List
The history of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is a long and complex one. Hopkins Press has published a variety of books and scholarly research on the topic, including the work below. We encourage a look at these book titles and papers for a deeper understanding...
Kiev, Ukraine
Display and Distraction?
“25 years of Independence” reads the blue banner in Republic Square, Almaty, Kazakhstan, New Year’s Eve 2017. Photo by author. By Thomas J. Misa New Year’s 2017 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, it was the greatest display of fireworks imaginable. Everyone in the city...
Thomas Misa Blog post