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Insights from an Orca Expert
Hanne Strager, the author of The Killer Whale Journals, shares insights about these fascinating creatures—with some of her stunning photos—since she began researching and working alongside orcas decades ago. "When an orca submerges below the surface of the sea...
Two orcas swimming during sunset
Why Did I Write This Book?

The answer is that I am on a mission, and missionaries, regardless of position, are driven.  They don't stop.

Bird Migration-Rappole
Of Milk, Mothers, and Infants
The following is an excerpt from Milk: The Biology of Lactation by Michael L. Power and Jay Schulkin. The young mother hurries across the hot, dry sands, her four legs carrying her quickly toward her nest and the four precious eggs within, her tail swaying...
Spring books preview: nature
We’re excited about the books we’ll be publishing this spring—and we're pleased to start off the new year with a series of posts that highlight our forthcoming titles. Be sure to check out the online edition of JHUP’s entire Spring 2016 catalog, and remember...
A Marsh is Born
By Vincent J. Burke, executive editor A hawk went aloft, stealing everyone’s attention. It was a familiar scene for the speaker, a wildlife manager whose back was turned to the soaring bird. You could see the slight smile form on his face as he recognized the...