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Unwelcome Guests
By Steven Diner There is extensive public discussion today about how colleges decide whom to admit and about the need for affirmative action to ensure minority access to higher education. Colleges today are ranked not only by academic selectivity but by their...
Unwelcome Guests
Design For Change in Higher Education
By Jeff Grabill, Sarah Gretter, and Erik Skogberg At the University of Leeds, we have embarked on arguably the most ambitious educational transformation initiative in higher education. Over the next ten years, we will review and refresh our undergraduate and...
Design for Change
New Designs for Old Educational Traditions of Change
by José Antonio Bowen My new book, Teaching Change: How to Develop Independent Thinkers using Relationships, Resilience, and Reflection, argues that education needs to change, in part to reflect new technological and economic realities as well as new cognitive...
Ending Sexual Violence in College
Covid-19 is having a devastating effect on the US population. It has been estimated that the virus has affected 8.7% of the population. It is headline news on every media outlet. Sexual assaults affect an estimated 20% of the female population on college...