RFP Submissions Guidelines

If you are considering submitting a Request for Proposal (RFP) to Hopkins Press in search of publication services, please include as much of the following information as possible. The more complete the information you provide us, the more quickly we can respond.

  • A description of the aims, scope and mission of the journal
  • At least two recent copies of the journal
  • A CV from all current editors
  • A list of the editorial board members with affiliations
  • Current (and historical, if available) circulation information, broken down by individuals and institutions, domestic and foreign
  • Descriptions of your current electronic publishing arrangements, if any
  • Advertising rates, if accepted
  • A description of the current editorial arrangement, including editorial office, copy-editing, editorial budget, and other resources needed to maintain the editorial office, as well as expectations of any changes that will arise from moving to Hopkins Press
  • If the editorship rotates, describe the process for finding and transferring editorial responsibilities
  • Details and copies of any recent marketing as well as quantitative results
  • A copy of the journal's submission guidelines
  • A description of the discipline and sub-disciplines the journal covers
  • A list of relevant associations, societies or institutes in your discipline
  • A report of back-issue inventory levels and details regarding inventory transfers
  • A list of journals covering similar content and how your title differs or distinguishes itself from each
  • Details of any financial support that your journal receives or that is available
  • Your timetable for submission decision making
  • A statement on what you or your organization hopes to achieve by changing your publishing arrangement
  • The names of 5-10 prominent scholars in your field who could comment on your titles' content and quality. These people should not have any direct involvement with your journal.

If you are considering launching a new journal, please focus on:

  • The proposed journal's mission statement
  • Background information on the editors and a proposed editorial board
  • Competitive information and how this proposed journal fits an unmet market segment
  • Precise estimations of market size and rationale for those figures
  • Details of the financial and institutional support available

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Hopkins Press
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