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Jacqueline Antonovich on the Medical Politics of White Supremacy
The Berkshire Conference of Women Historians awards prizes each year to female historians or historians who identify as a woman for both books and articles. The 2023 article in the fields of the history of women, gender, and/or sexuality Honorable Mention was...
A medical doctor bag, stethoscope, and white doctor's coat
Migraine: A History
I didn’t set out to write Migraine: A History as a book spanning nearly two thousand years. As a specialist in nineteenth-century disease and medicine, I’d planned to write something distinctly more modern. In fact, a good friend had gently but firmly warned...
The Tragedy of Eugenic Sterilization with Molly Ladd-Taylor
Fixing the Poor: Molly Ladd-Taylor’s new take on eugenic sterilization Even in these polarized times, everyone can agree that the sterilization of more than 63,000 Americans under state eugenics laws was wrong. Most Americans recoil from the idea of improving...
Taking Medical Education to the Source
Earlier this year, the Bulletin of the History of Medicine introduced a new section on Pedagogy designed to share approaches to and experiences of teaching the history of medicine in diverse classrooms. The section will appear twice a year and is complemented...