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Acquisitions Editors

Greg Britton

Editorial Director
Hopkins Press Books - Acquires In Education
Image of Greg Britton Editorial Director

Tiffany Gasbarrini

Senior Acquisitions Editor
Acquires In Life & Physical Science
Image of Tiffany Gasbarrini

Matthew McAdam

Senior Acquisitions Editor
Acquires In History of Science, Technology & Medicine and in Literary & Ancient Studies

Our Health & Wellness Team

Primary Contact: Alena Jones

Robin Coleman

Acquisitions Editor
Acquires In Health Policy & Public Health
Image of Robin Coleman

Laura Davulis

Acquisitions Editor
Acquires In American History & Contemporary Affairs

Ezra Rodriguez

Assistant Acquisitions Editor
Image of Ezra Rodriguez

Adriahna Conway

Editorial Assistant
Image of Adriahna Conway

Jane Medrano

Editorial Assistant
Image of Jane Medrano

Alena Jones

Department Manager
Books - Acquisitions
alena jones