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Joseph Farell on Becoming a Journal Editor
As the American Journal of Philology wraps up its 140th year of publishing, a new name stands at the top of the masthead. Joseph Farrell from the University of Pennsylvania took over as Editor earlier this year. He joined us on our podcast to talk about the...
Joseph Farell, American Journal of Philology
Nora Gilbert on 50 Years of Studies in the Novel
Earlier this year, Studies in the Novel released a special issue commemorating the journal's first 50 years of publishing. The issue featured seminal articles from the past 50 years, each with an introduction commissioned to put the original work into context...
Nora Gilbert, Studies in the Novel
Philip Nel on the Effects of Displacement on Children
Philip Nel knows first-hand about refugees and diaspora. His parents emigrated to the United States, and he has relatives living in five countries spread over four continents. But he knows the negatives of this experience - he probably would not have been born...
Philip Nel, Children's Literature Association Quarterly
Robert Marzec on Climate Change and Modern Fiction
While not approved by official geological organizations, the term anthropocene has grown in use to describe the current geological age. Proponents of the term use it to mark the time period where humans have had a significant impact on Earth's geology and...
Robert Marzec, Modern Fiction Studies
Jeri Kraver on 80 Years of The CEA Critic
Since 1938, the College English Association has served academics who seek to keep teaching college students as the focus of the profession. Its official publication, the CEA Critic, recently published a double issue commemorating its 80th anniversary with...
Jeri Kraver, The CEA Critic
Neal Baer and John Maa on Taxing Soda
In 2017, the journal Perspectives in Biology and Medicine published a pair of articles arguing in favor of a tax on soda. The two authors - Dr. Neal Baer, a television writer and producer and a pediatrician, and Dr. John Maa, a San Francisco-based surgeon -...
John Maa and Neal Baer, Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
Andrew Natsios on Putin's New Russia
The Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University held a September 2015 conference and subsequent talks about the New Russia of President Vladimir Putin. The journal South Central Review recently published a collection of articles from...
Andrew Natsios, South Central Review