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Garry Hagberg on the Future of Philosophy and Literature
When Philosophy and Literature founding editor Denis Dutton died in 2010, his co-editor, Garry Hagberg, took over the reins of the influential journal. With just over five years in the top position, Hagberg joined our podcast series to talk about the...
Garry Hagberg, Philosophy and Literature
Bryony Randall on the One-Day Novel
The one-day novel - that is a book which covers the action of just a single day - has caught the attention of British academic Bryony Randall. A lecturer in English Literature at the University of Glasgow, Randall took a close look at the topic in a recent...
Bryony Randall, New Literary History
Lutheran Quarterly: The Reformation 500 Years Later
The Reverend Dr. Timothy J. Wengert, Professor Emeritus at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, shares insights on the Protestant Reformation with the journal Lutheran Quarterly to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the event.
Lutheran Quarterly: The Reformation 500 Years Later
Georgiann Davis and Ellen Feder on Intersex
The Summer 2015 issue of the journal Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics featured more than a dozen personal narratives from intersex people about the challenges they face and problems with how the medical community addresses their needs. Guest editors Georgiann...
Georgiann Davis and Ellen Feder, Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics
Cassie Ash and Jose Perez Diaz on Shakespeare and Editing
Earlier this year, the journal Shakespeare Bulletin took a look at the issue of editing Renaissance drama texts. Stepping outside the boundries of Shakespeare, a trio of guest editors put together a special issue based on a 2013 symposium. The issue helps...
Cassie Ash and Jose Perez Diaz, Shakespear Bulletin
John Sotos on Mary Lincoln and Pernicious Anemia
Mary Lincoln has been a mystery for more than 150 years. Irritable as the wife of Abraham Lincoln in Illinois, erratic as First Lady, and frankly psychotic as a widow, she died at the young age of 63 after years of unusual physical symptoms and progressively...
Johns Sotos, Perspective in Biology and Medicine