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Cover image of Victorian Review
Cover image of Victorian Review
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Victorian Review

Editor :

Janice Schroeder

49 (2023)
Victorian Review: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Victorian Studies welcomes submissions in all areas of Victorian studies. Our mandate is to publish the best international research in this interdisciplinary field, as well as to provide critical reviews of new books in Victorian studies by experts from around the world. Finally, our regular Victorian Review forum provides a unique venue in which diverse scholarly voices may address a topic from multiple points of view. The journal, which began publication in 1972, is published twice annually.
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Victorian Review is a Canadian publication and uses Canadian spellings. Our house dictionary is the Canadian Oxford Dictionary.


Victorian Review does publish greyscale illustrations to accompany articles. Illustrations should be scanned as grayscale .TIF files at high resolution (600 DPI) and encoded for PC. They should be burned to a CD and mailed, not emailed, to the editor, Lisa Surridge ( Authors are responsible for securing permission to publish illustrations and for providing a caption for each. In the captions, please use the phrase “Courtesy of . . .” for free illustrations and “By permission of . . .” if payment was required.


Victorian Review uses the serial comma: “a, b, and c” not “a, b and c.” Please put commas and periods inside closing quotation marks, except in the case of an in-text citation immediately following a quote, in which case the punctuation follows the citation. Colons, semicolons, questions marks, and exclamation points are placed outside the closing quotation mark, unless they are part of the quote itself.


Please use double quotation marks in general, single only for quotations within quotations. Please ensure that any emphasis in quoted material is noted as either “in original” or “added.” When omitting parts of quotations, do not bracket the ellipses you insert unless there are ellipses in the original and your omissions need to be differentiated from the quoted text. When omitting text from quotations, follow the three-dot and four-dot ellipses conventions. If the material you are omitting is less than one sentence in the source document, and does not correspond with a sentence break in your reconstituted quote, use three dots. If your quotation omits a sentence or more, or if your quotation corresponds with a sentence break in your new quote, use a four-dot ellipsis.


Numbers that can be written with one or two words (such as seven, thirty-eight, and one thousand) should be spelled out. All other numbers (such as 106, 6.05, and 1,948) should be expressed using numerals. When writing out dates, use “day month year” format, with no commas (11 October 1852).

MLA Citations and Works Cited

Please format your citations and Works Cited according to MLA guidelines, using parenthetical citation style. Please ensure that all claims and quotations have appropriate in-text citations.

Document Layout

Please double space and left justify your document. Use Times Roman 12-point font. Please use the “Indent first line” command in Word to indent paragraphs. Do not use the space bar or tab. The first paragraph of the article, paragraphs after subtitles, and paragraphs after block quotations should be flush with the left margin, not indented. After terminal punctuation, a single space is all that is required. Do not insert two.


Italicize rather than underline the titles of books, plays, long poems, periodicals, and so on.

The Hopkins Press Journals Ethics and Malpractice Statement can be found at the ethics-and-malpractice page.

Peer Review Policy

Victorian Review welcome articles on all aspects of Victorian literature, history, science, arts, and culture. All submissions must be double spaced and must conform to MLA Handbook guidelines, with parenthetical documentation and a list of works cited. Submissions should be 5,000-8,000 words in length and must not have been previously published, in whole or in part, either in print or online. Submissions under consideration at another journal are not accepted.

Preliminary Review

Submissions to Victorian Review are reviewed by our Submissions Editor who determines whether the topic is suitable for the journal and meets basic academic standards regarding length, use of secondary sources, and style. In some instances, the Submissions Editor may consult with other members of the Editorial Committee or experts in the field before determining whether or not the essay should be put forward for double-blind peer review. In such instances, an essay that is determined not to be suitable for the journal may be returned with the comments (if any) that result from this preliminary consultation process.                                                        


All essays considered for publication are sent for blind-review to two readers who are experts in the relevant field. Readers are asked to assess the essay according to the following criteria: Significance; Originality; Authority (i.e. awareness and use of relevant scholarship); Presentation (style, grammar, spelling, citation); and Contribution to Victorian studies. Readers make one of the following recommendations:

I highly recommend acceptance

I recommend acceptance

I recommend acceptance with revisions indicated

I recommend revise and resubmit

I recommend rejection

Once the Submissions Editor has received both reports, the essay and the reports are circulated to the five-person Editorial Committee which determines one of the following outcomes: to accept, to accept with revisions, to invite the author to revise and resubmit, or to reject. In all cases, the author receives, together with this decision, those parts of the readers’ reports considered helpful in revising the essay.

The review process typically takes three months.


Essays that are accepted with revisions or invited to revise and resubmit are expected to reply to the suggestions in the readers’ reports, and/or the additional comments made by the Editorial Committee, and to provide a cover letter summarizing these changes. In the case of a recommendation of revise and resubmit, the revised essays are sent back to at least one of the previous readers for comment and assessment.

Informal Pieces

In addition to articles, Victorian Review publishes two other kinds of writing: Forum essays, short, op-ed style opinion pieces on a topic of interest to the discipline, and Book Reviews. These informal pieces are commissioned by their respective Editors, who review them for grammar, style, factual accuracy, and suitability for publication. They are not sent out for blind review.


Janice Schroeder

Submissions Editor

Kristen Guest, University of Northern British Columbia (

Forum Editor

Vanessa Warne, University of Manitoba (

Book Review Editor

Daniel Martin, MacEwan University (

Copy Editor

Susan Doyle (

Digital Dessemination Editor

Jeffrey Robert Swim  
The Victorian Review is proud to have a blog partnership with The Floating Academy.

Design & Typesetting

Jason Dewinetz  
(Greenboathouse Press)

Member at Large

Lauren Gillingham

Advisory Board

Stephen Arata, University of Virginia  
Nancy Armstrong, Duke University  
Simon Avery, University of Westminster  
Jason Camlot, Concordia University  
Nicholas Daly, University College Dublin  
Catherine Delyfer, Université de Toulouse II – Le Mirail  
Joy Dixon, University of British Columbia  
Christine Ferguson, University of Glasgow  
Joan Greer, University of Alberta  
James Hanley, University of Winnipeg  
Janice Helland, Queen’s University  
Ian Hesketh, University of Queensland  
Christopher Hosgood, University of Lethbridge  
Linda K. Hughes, Texas Christian University  
Christopher Keep, Western University  
Grace Kehler, McMaster University  
Graham Law, Waseda University  
Barbara Leckie, Carleton University  
Bernard Lightman, York University  
Diana Maltz, University of Southern Oregon  
Teresa Mangum, University of Iowa  
Britta Martens, University of the West of England  
Jill Matus, University of Toronto  
James Mussell, University of Leeds  
Erika Rappaport, University of California, Santa Barbara  
Matthew Rubery, Queen Mary, University of London  
Peter Sinnema, University of Alberta  
Martha Stoddard-Holmes, California State University, San Marcos

Victorian Review does not accept unsolicited book reviews.

Please send books for review to:

Dr. Daniel Martin
Assistant Professor
Department of English
MacEwan University
Room 6-229, City Centre Campus
10700 – 104 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5J 4S2

Phone: 780-633-3915

Please send book review copies to the contact above. Review copies received by the Johns Hopkins University Press office will be discarded.

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Published twice a year

Readers include: Scholars from all areas of Victorian studies

Print circulation: 161

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